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Our data capture services assist you in processing your invoices, forms and
surveys regardless of format or volume. We can help you process large archives or even smaller daily volume.



OpenText Teleform is a powerful, high volume information capture solution that is capable of processing thousands of paper forms per day with superior accuracy, speed and efficiency. It replaces costly manual data entry with efficient paper‐to‐digital processing, thereby enabling enterprises and government organizations to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and improve customer service. Its information capture and processing capabilities also help organisations respond to critical business data faster for increased competitive advantage.

Teleform is built on an open architecture for maximum enterprise interoperability, Teleform works seamlessly with production‐level scanners, fax servers and the Internet to capture, verify, process and index data. Its superior connectivity enables it also to automatically send clean data, documents and attachments to multiple archive and retrieval systems. Round‐trip data flow and integration with other back office systems are made possible via a series of built‐in and custom Connect Agents.

Relied upon by thousands of leading Global 2000 organisations, Teleform has a proven reputation for ease‐of‐deployment, quick return‐on‐investment and low total cost‐of‐ownership.