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Improving Data Quality Through Automation

End-to-end services for the intake, data extraction, and
processing of mission-critical communications whether paper or digital.



Automated Data Capture or Forms Processing is the automated capture of handwritten information from forms, using imaging technology. Business forms are scanned and the form images are then analysed by an image recognition engine which evaluates the content of the form and converts handwriting, optical marks and text into usable information. A critical part of the entire process involves validation of data for general accuracy or against specific business rules.

CDMS is the first company in the Caribbean to specialise in Automated Data Capture technologies and has been providing solutions to a diverse range of organisations spanning the entire English speaking Caribbean. Our Content Capture and Forms Processing services include:

  • Designing of business forms and questionnaires for large and small scale surveys and censuses;
  • Developing scripting rules and data validation routines for forms;
  • Designing and configuring centralised and distributed forms and data capture systems to facilitate the collection of data from paper, electronic forms and email, faxes and other media;
  • Backfile conversion services;
  • Automated classification and indexing of semi-structured and unstructured documents; and
  • Integration of capture solutions to legacy systems.