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There are several challenges when migrating documents from different sources to Microsoft SharePoint. Folders and files exist in several sources - file shares, web-based sources, network / backup drives, personal drives, other document management systems etc. While these challenges can be overcome, they are a real pain if the migration source, content and file systems are not SharePoint friendly. Our custom solutions help deal with the following potential migration issues:

  • Dealing with Special characters and Lengths in Folder and File names;
  • Maintaining the same folder / file structure when migrating to SharePoint;
  • Migrating a select set of document types / formats such as doc, xls, ppt, jpeg, dwg, pdf etc.;
  • Migrating a large number of unstructured and poorly managed files;
  • Using a mass document migration application to work off your desktop instead of running right on the SharePoint servers directly;
  • Migrating and tagging the tens of thousands of documents from your legacy file folders into your new SharePoint repository while retaining the existing taxonomy or migrate to a new taxonomy;
  • Retaining (carry forward) the Created Date and Last Modified file attributes from the file system to maintain business continuity for users and minimize user training when collaborating in the new SharePoint environment; and
  • Automating the migration process to reduce the time necessary and labor involved to move large file repositories to SharePoint.