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Improving Data Quality Through Automation

End-to-end services for the intake, data extraction, and
processing of mission-critical communications whether paper or digital.



A well-designed business form goes well beyond the visual layout and should be driven to a large extent by the intended use of data it collects. CDMS continues to work closely with almost every statistical agency within CARICOM and has developed from these relationships proven techniques that will guarantee that the right data are always obtained and validated on your business forms (both paper based and electronic).

We provide Workflow consulting services and solutions geared towards facilitating the automation of a business process, in whole or in part. The process may involve the transfer of documents, information or tasks from one entity to another according to a set of procedural rules. Key benefits of workflow solutions allow organisations to:

  • have computers control the work process;
  • automatically route documents and information to individuals or departments;
  • automatically track the progress of any process or transaction;
  • prioritize work according to set rules or re-prioritize on demand; and
  • monitor and report on all business transactions.